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Crystal Woodward is a proud Eastern Shore native.

As the daughter of a small business owner, Crystal has a deeply ingrained work ethic and understands how hard work, integrity, and service can strengthen and benefit a community.

Crystal understands the daily challenges faced by Eastern Shore working families.

Crystal is a director of the American Diabetes Association's Government Affairs & Advocacy division empowering her as a fierce advocate for people with diabetes for the last 27 years.

Crystal will use Eastern Shore values, her passion for fairness and social justice, and her ability to build consensus to serve and improve the quality of life for our Eastern Shore working families.

Crystal is currently pursuing a Paralegal Studies Master's degree at George Washington University.

Crystal lives on Kent Island with her husband Kevin.
Crystal is committed to listening, serving, and working hard for the Eastern Shore's working families.


Social Justice fo...

All Marylanders should be free from discrimination on the basis of race, gender, disability, sexual preference, or ethnicity.


Fund Quality Educ...

Children must have knowledge and skills to secure well-paying jobs, have the opportunity to be successful, and be well positioned to contribute to their communities. Teachers should have all needed tools to enable them to help kids to learn and prosper. A student's access to education should not be dependent upon zip code. Maryland students should have access to Wi-Fi in every school and have the opportunity to learn a foreign language which will lead to jobs.


Healthcare is a R...

Continue efforts to protect of affordable healthcare for all Marylanders, especially seniors. Defend the Affordable Care Act, reduce insurance premiums, and provide quality healthcare and medication to all Marylanders.


Common Sense Traf...

Traffic back-ups on Route 50 and the Chesapeake Bay Bridge impact communities along the Route 50 corridor. Creative short- and long-term solutions to reduce traffic might include peak and non-peak hour tolls, assigning a commuter only lane during business rush hour, and providing alternate options for local residents to help to avoid peak traffic.


Gun Anti-Violenc...

Supporting the Second Amendment goes hand in hand with laws that reduce gun violence and increase gun safety education. Gun safety and common sense is in everyone's best interest.


Get Big Money Out...

Elections should be free of the influence of excessive campaign spending by outside interests. Any citizen should be able to run for public office. Our campaign will not be influenced by big corporations and special interests. Campaign donations will only be accepted from grassroots constituents.


Transition to Cl...

Clean, renewable energy will create jobs in Maryland. Jobs in the solar and wind industries will provide good-paying careers. Clean power will reduce our carbon footprint and make Maryland less vulnerable to climate change and loss of our shoreline. Transitioning away from fossil fuels will improve air quality on the Shore and reduce premature deaths and asthma. Clean, renewable energy will reduce greenhouse gases and other hazardous air and water pollution.


Strengthen the Wo...

The unemployment rate in District 36 is higher than the Maryland average, thanks in part to an aging workforce and a lack of younger workers with vocational skills. This skills gap – the difference between the skills jobs require versus the skills workers have – hurts everyone. Let’s face it, college isn’t for everyone, and trades-skilled workers are vital to a strong economy. But high schools continue to make college prep a priority. Let’s give students the chance to find the right path for themselves by offering career and technology education and college prep.


Make Broadband Ac...

Every household MUST have affordable access to Broadband Internet. Broadband is essential to foster economic growth and development and to educate our children. Expanding Broadband accessibility should be a high priority as an investment in the Shore's future prosperity and growth.


Keeping our Bay H...

Maryland has made remarkable progress in decreasing the amount of nitrogen and nutrient pollution since 1985. The Chesapeake Bay recorded the highest amount of underwater grasses in 2016. We need to continue to help farmers manage manure, support the extension and upgrading of septic systems, and promote smart growth and development with zoning and assistance to farmers and large landowners to maintain their lands in an open and rural state.


Opioid Emergency ...

The Eastern Shore has not been spared from our devastating nationwide opioid epidemic. Health care professionals, emergency responders, policy makers, and citizens need to work together to make opioids less accessible, increase affordable treatment options, and increase availability of Naloxone to first responders and to those who are nearby to help with an emergency.


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